Core area in Peking University to ban automobiles

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In order to make the campus recover its tranquility, and create a better study environment for teachers and students, core area in the major campus of Peking University will ban automobiles from 2018, said Principle of the Peking University Lin Jianhua on May 4, the China Youth Day and also the 119 birthday of the Peking University when university leaders, renowned scholars and students of the representatives of the university exchanged ideas on discipline construction, talent cultivation and campus construction.

Yanyuan where the Peking University is located in is beautiful but crowded where accommodates 30,000 students and is visited by continuing education students and tourists every day. As increasing number of automobiles and bikes flooding in, the campus is facing traffic pressure, moreover, pedestrians are exposed to higher risk.

Lin Jianhua revealed they plan to relocate non -core institutes of the Peking University out of the major campus to ease the pressure. On the other hand, they will take every chance to expand new campus. For the present, the under construction catering center, the to-be reconstructed audio-visual building and Nongyuan Canteen will offer students room for study and leisure.

At present, the university is drafting a plan to build a quite large underground parking garage and will standardize on-campus activities.

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